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PACTT empowers organizations to operate at peak capacity. We believe contracts are the lifeblood of every business, and today, lead the way at the forefront of smart contracting technology. PACTT provides digitization solutions (paperless contracts), live contracting and automated lifecycle management for accounting, legal, compliance-focused, healthcare, real estate professionals and more.

What Makes Us Different

Customer focused innovation is at the heart of our company culture. Our mission is to identify opportunities for growth and continue to influence others in the industry. A vision that serves as a guide to all organizational decisions, our wish is to deliver the utmost care and support for our clients.


There is art in making complex processes look simple. It allows us to focus on what is necessary rather than be lost in the details. At PACTT we believe “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo da Vinci


Only meaningful innovation will see a positive and lasting impact on society. PACTT encourages employees to take risks and unleash their greatness. We inspire them to dare think the unthinkable.


In times of confusion and overwhelming competition, only the best will endure. At PACTT we strive to achieve greatness – however small, or ordinary the task.


PACTT celebrates the success of its employees. However, to deliver only the utmost in customer experience, we leave no stone unturned. We try every possible course of action and learn from our mistakes.


To deliver great quality products, we never compromise in the hiring process, or micro-manage our employees’ decisions. At PACTT, we provide our team with support and empower them to achieve their potential.


Authenticity is a path, and PACTT has gone to great lengths to build a safe environment where employees can feel free to be authentic. Our open door policy helps build trust and a more productive team.

Join Our Team

Innovation is a manner of looking at the world and finding a way to change people’s lives. At PACTT, we care about our clients and our staff works hard to achieve a great customer experience. We encourage our team to try new things and value the knowledge and expertise they bring. However, it’s okay not to know everything – we always find something to laugh about. Embrace your potential, send us your CV to apply.

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