Storing and Sharing Is
Just the Beginning

Uploading documents to our cloud is easy. Determine what items are starting to show their age and de-clutter to improve operations.

Do More with PACTT

Once you’ve consolidated your documents, our analysts will help you sort, digitize and categorize all relevant data using optical character reader (OCR) tools. Equipped with greater understanding and knowledge of our product, our analysts will then identify missing data in your documents, and provide a complete report on areas requiring further information. When combined, your data and our integrated cloud services can then be accessed on multiple devices for real-time exchange and management. Breath, our team has the expertise to create a strategic and differentiated experience for your team.

Your Success Network

PACTT is drastically changing the conversation for the next generation of smart contracting. Once integrated, our services facilitate a dramatic purge in transcription errors and c omplete rejection of manual processes. We also help businesses increase productivity and provide collective data security and transparency (data can be accessed and verified) to all parties involved. Our contract lifecycle management tools also enable integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Experience Transparent Pricing

Businesses are all unique, and we’ve scaled our licenses to meet your needs. Please contact us for usage based pricing.