Seize the PACTT

It’s about time you flip the switch and give your business the ability to contract at your command. From agreement to closing that deal, your team can move faster when all can negotiate and sign documents from anywhere. Take a minute – we’ll let you connect the dots.


When you reconcile the future of your business and our intelligent contract lifecycle management platform, smart contracting just falls into place. A versatile and secure way to actualize your documentation, you can easily upload older and signed contracts to eliminate dated filing and record keeping systems. Our digitization feature makes it easy to upload, search and identify terms of contract, statements and declarations, pricing agreements and special assessments. With PACTT, you never sacrifice security or compliance. You do, on the other hand, increase internal productivity.


Draft & Create

Pactt seamlessly integrates with your processes to help teams eliminate errors and enable streamlined negotiations. With our advanced contract lifecycle management system, all parties can view, edit and keep track of updates, as well as share and collaborate with other teams to cultivate coherence within your organization. Our features also include a wide repository of standardized templates with the flexibility to edit and transform into your very own.


Pactt gives your team complete control to manage post-agreement transactions. Companies will often cite compliance as their number one challenge. With PACTT, platform admins get to set reminders for conditions to be addressed at a predetermined date, as well as prepare reporting summaries and analysis for individual contracts. PACTT grants you the autonomy to identify holes in your agreements, renew contractual duties like indexation, or make plans to terminate due to breaches in your contracts.


Power Your Business with PACTT

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Businesses are all unique, and we’ve scaled our licenses to meet your needs. Please contact us for usage based pricing.