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Intelligent Contracting for Businesses

Digitize, automate and manage the lifecycle of contracts to provide smart transactions customers can trust.

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It’s a New Dawn

Embracing an all-digital platform to manage your contracting processes shouldn’t make you feel stuck. The right contract lifecycle management tools, and accompanying benefits, can give teams of any size a push on the track to success.


Legally binding documents implicate the exchange of sensitive information. Therefore, the protection of your data is at the top of our list. With PACTT, you can share conflict-free records across teams and facilitate transparent action on the insights that matter.


Integral to the success of your business, PACTT brings a dynamic repository of templates, customizable streamlined workflows, and automated management solutions for a transformative performance. Plus, you can watch your drafts evolve in real-time!


Take back your workday and decrease time-to-revenue with our smart contract management solution. A boost in communication and collaboration will see increased visibility of latest revisions, team accountability, and shortened cycle times for a sustainable bottom line.

Smart Contracts Lead the Way


Digitized and integrated dataflows can help reduce management cost and protect your business agreements. Closely monitoring their lifecycle will also cut down on missed deadlines and unfulfilled terms.


PACTT’s intelligent contracting software offers teams the ability to upload previously drafted and signed documents. In addition, our templates can be easily edited and stored for uniform formatting across teams.


Our platform keeps track of edits and older contract versions to assist and accelerate approvals. Issued platform alerts will remind admins about acceptance, expiration and renewal deadlines to promote complete control through the fulfillment of contracts.

Ready, Set, Automate!

Smart contract lifecycle management tools make it easy to digitize, search and accurately identify terms of contract within your documents. PACTT also includes detailed analytic tools to help teams review agreements, create reports to improve productivity, track your success and grow your business.

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